Speak Up 

Speak Up is a brand new project aiming to break the stigma surrounding mental health and stress within secondary schools. We provide support to students aged 13-18 in a number of ways including; a website offering advice, workshops within schools, drop in sessions within school, and care packages or ‘bundles of joy’ containing stress relieving and motivational items. [read more…]


Re-EnvisionRe-Envision is a social consultancy project that transfers business knowledge to charities, small businesses and entrepreneurs. At Enactus Lincoln we provide a support network through our team of skilled members. We are able to conduct detailed focus groups and a plan on how the business can improve. Enactus Lincoln looks at the social media presence, footfall, shop floor layout and advertising intellect of the businesses and charities and much much more. [read more…]

Keeping Connected

Keeping ConnectedKeeping Connect is a project based in Lincoln working with people over 50. In this project, we aim to improve Lincolnshire by trying to stop loneliness and isolation whilst passing on skills to beneficiaries that could become hobbies or potentially help them become financially sustainable. Although the idea is to have a social hub where beneficiaries can come and go as they please, we also aim to tailor specific sessions to what beneficiaries want. [read more…]